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The idea was to seize the exact moment in time where a super nova bursts and release light and matter that creates galaxies and triggers the formation of new stars. A super nova is one of the most luminous stellar explosion that we can observe in the night sky. The cyclic nature of our universe where nothing get destroyed it merely gets transformed into something else. Duality of a same event.
In an attempt to translate this idea, this lamp was created. In materializing its form an interplay of symmetry and asymmetry to create an object that functions and touches on dualism. The sphere like shape is an archimedean solids called Rombicosidodecahedron was split into two halves. 
The challenge was to create an object without the use of plastic, today it is very difficult as we live in the age of plastics. Materials that are used to create this are Stainless steel (gives it the glimmer), Paper, Led Lights strip (contains plastic) and silicon adhesive.   


Stainless Steal, Paper, led light-fitting 


New Delhi


2st wave 2021

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